Friday, November 18, 2022

Three Wise Women Gift

I have always just thought this was the funniest Christmas poem and wanted to make some gifts for my girlfriends for Christmas.  I first saw it on a plate my sister in law had on display in her home.  Then, I started seeing it everywhere.  I do not know the author to give credit to. I tried to find the original with no luck. If you know the original poem came from, please share so we can give them credit. I thought this is the perfect gift for the ladies I work with, my sisters, and female friends. Just a fun girl gift. I included a plate stand (amazon link) so they can display it for the holidays. There are many options on Amazon if you love the gift, but don't want to make it.

I used a turquoise blue plate with brown trim (amazon link). I cut out the saying on my silhouette cameo (amazon link), using brown permanent oracle 651 vinyl (amazon link). 

I scraped the transfer tape (amazon link) on really good with my vinyl scraper (amazon link) and transferred it to the plate. Just that quick. Really easy gift to make if you have a vinyl cutter. The best part of making your own gifts is you can change the wording or personalize the gift. Put a message on the back of the plate for an added touch! Hope your friends like it! I know mine did.

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