Friday, November 18, 2022

Gumball Pie Game

A few years back we were bored and made up a hilarious game. We bought a huge bag of Swedish Fish and had yet to use it.  My kids absolutely love Cool Whip.  So, we came up with a game using both.  We called it Swamp Fishing.  The Cool Whip represents the cloudy swamp water and the Swedish Fish is what your fishing for.  You are the big fish or sea creature searching for smaller fish.  This game is a bit of a twist on the original version.  We wanted something for a Thanksgiving Game this year. Everyone likes gumballs and messes.  So,  we came up with Gumball Pie.

Here's how to play:
Kind of like a pie eating contest. 

Grab a pie pan or deep dish bowl for each player.

Place three bubble gum balls (amazon link) on each plate.

Add at least two large scoops of Cool Whip to each plate.

Stir the Cool Whip around so you can't see any of the bubble gum pieces.

Each player must keep their hands behind their back and using only their mouth fish out all three gumballs.  The first player to get all three and successfully blow a bubble that is chewed up enough to make a popping sound as it pops wins. If the gum isn't chewed up enough, it will be sugary making is harder to blow a bubble at all,  and it won't make that iconic popping sound.

Be sure to video tape it.

Be sure to take any precautions, and play at your own risk!
Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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