Friday, December 3, 2021

Elfie for Teenagers and Adults part 2

Christmas 2021
Ok, I have all teenagers. They are too old for the traditional Elf on the Shelf.  We aren't following the ideas behind the book either. I wish they were younger, there are so many cute ideas out there for little kids. I thought I would put Elfie out and they would think it was dumb and they were too old.  I was so wrong, they loved it.  I would recommend buying Elf on the Shelf for younger kids, but I got this elf at Hobby Lobby in the ornament Section on sale for $1.85 click here.  It isn't meant to be used this way and is starting to fall apart, it is cute and posable though.  

The first year I did it and they actually liked it,  the second year they wanted to do it and took turns,  and we skipped the house fire year. (Here's a link to some of our younger kid elf posts) I wasn't going to do it in 2019,  then I decided it would bring laughter and happiness back into the home.  We didn't get much of a Christmas that year.   So, I spent hours looking up ideas for older kids/adults on Pinterest. (don't you just love Pinterest!).  All of the ideas were either too childish, or too crude meant for adults.   So, I took some of the ideas and made them into my own funny teachable moments.  The kids loved it, so I kept doing it.  Again, all my kids are all adults or really close to being adults. Maybe they just think I'm crazy, but that's ok too.

The toilet.  I flushed to get the side walls wet and got the toilet seat wet. Opened and threw two packets of hot Chocolate with marshmallows all over it.  I inserted a straw into another straw to make a long straw and taped the message to the lid.

Then, I sprayed the seat with water to get it wet.  

By morning it looked way gross.

Make sure you dissolve it all the way, I flushed a few times to make sure it went down.  Use your own Judgment on your plumbing,  if this is a good idea or a bad idea since your plumbing is different than mine. 

Boys are constantly trying to show off their muscles for the ladies at the gym.
It's really funny when I take my girls to the gym and the guys all try to show off for them. 

This one is a little crude, ok a lot crude. But it's kind of an inside joke because someone at the store was wearing a shirt that said it,  then made an inappropriate comment to us.  You would not believe the inappropriate things adult men say to teenage girls.  So,  I had to tease them.   We had a conversation about what to do when this happens,  because it happens a lot. Especially at their retail jobs. 

He had a very large mustache!

Getting MAD with some Mad Libs
We bought this adult Mad Libs on Amazon for some humor at the dinner table.  Kind of a conversation starter. 
It's around $4 on Amazon. 

Wheel of Misfortune
Ok,  in our home there is a divide on politics,  so this is just meant to be funny and tease the Biden supporters.  We had some pretty funny things making fun of Trump on April Fools day so we equally tease.

Snowman Down

Who Yo Man?
Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Ways to Pray

Update: I came downstairs,  and apparently my daughter picked her man. All my kids are at the dating age, and yes one is actually dating an LDS return missionary.

Chicken Fight

They're sitting on rooster/chicken salt and pepper shakers.  A chicken fight is generally when you sit on someone's shoulders in a pool, etc. and try to knock the other person off.

Jurassic Elf
It's supposed to be the scene where the lawyer gets eaten while sitting on the toilet.

The girl and the paleontologist are hiding behind the Ford Explorer,  which we actually already had. When I was setting it up, I saw my daughter's tropical yoga mat and thought it was the perfect backdrop.

Magic Elfie
Check out Elfie's dance moves. 

Ok this one is really basic. I couldn't get my printer to work and it was really late at night.  So, this is what I came up with.  It's an idea from when you used to see people's name and numbers written inside bathroom stalls.  My kids didn't get it. I guess nobody does that anymore.  I told them when I was a kid often times childish people would write the name and phone number on the bathroom stalls to get revenge at them.  I guess it was more common before all the caller ID.  I talked to them about being careful of the things people to do when you breakup with them.  

Elf Planetarium 
Free Viewing of Uranus

Elfie sees Santa mooning him through the telescope.  

"You don't have to worry about Santa replacing you with Bambi, Rudolph I took care of it!"

The blood is red sugar sprinkles. 

Your mom waiting for you to do your laundry!


Birthday Elf
Elfie stole the birthday girl's car, parked it creaked. Hit two garbage cans knocking them over,  and the cones.  He then painted happy Birthday and it's my birthday on the windows. He put a happy birthday streamer on the dashboard, and confetti all over inside the car.  He left a card and a minion friend behind.  The balloons didn't make it. 

Save a horse, ride a cowboy

We all float down stream

Elf Voice

Let's Go Brandon
Car Racing

Red Light
Green Light
Elf Games

Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

My daughter keeps singing 
"I want an 👽 for Christmas"
I couldn't find an alien anywhere. 
It's too late to order one. 
So, I made one!
Two balloons tied together
Crinkled paper for its limbs
Sharpie for the face

Evolution or Creation 
My dad always said dinosaurs came from another planet when God created this one. 

It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's a Dinosaur Nativity-Mary, Joseph,  and baby Jesus.
We always do one about Jesus on Christmas Eve.

Have a Merry Christmas
See you next year

Check back tomorrow.

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