Sunday, June 25, 2017

Party Games For Teenagers

Our family loves to play crazy fun games together.  I often get asked what games we play at our parties for our girls, since they are older.  So, we compiled a list of our favorite party games from our blog.  These games would work for any holiday, birthday, youth activity, or family reunion you might hold.  We hope you like them as much as we do. 

Click on the title and it will take you to the games blogpost on our Blog where all the rules are.

Party Games

Pie Eating Contest

Flour Game

Ultimate Spoons
Like Spoons above, except you put the spoons in a challenging place.  It might be on the other side of the room, in a different room completely, in the snow, bottom of a pool, etc.  Take all safety precautions in your spoon placement and remove all obstacles.  Some rough housing could cause injury.

Divergent GamesDivergent games

Divergent game

I know you think of Easter for these kind of hunts, but they can be done anytime of year.  My mom would hide candy all over the house or backyard when we got bored over summer break.  Up the game with glow in the dark prizes.

Giant Jenga
You can make you own giant Jenja from 2X4's or purchase one here.

Yardzee/Yarkle Giant Dice Game

Slip n Slide Baseball
You play base ball or kickball, except you use kiddie pools as the bases and a slip'n'slide to slide into home plate.

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