Friday, June 19, 2015

Catching Frogs

Girls can catch frogs too!
Let's Catch Frogs!

(Yep, that's right I said frogs)

We grabbed our butterfly nets and a bucket,
then headed off to the local pond.
 We even put the little guy in a life jacket just to be safe!
This time of year you might see a few tadpoles that have legs, 
and haven't quite lost their tails.
If you'd like to catch tadpoles head out in the spring!

how to catch a frog
Kiddos and cousins ready to catch some frogs.
The kiddos are all set, now let's get some frogs!
frog hunting
Big Sis got a frog
Success, we got a frog!
We found the best place to catch a frog is the same as fishing.  
They like the shade or marshy areas of the pond.  
Maybe under a tree, or in the reeds.  
Look closely they are camouflaged and blend into their surroundings.
You might just see their eyeballs poking out.
Remember to wash your hands good afterward!

Have fun! 

Touching the frog-gross!
Lil Sis got a frog

"Can I touch him?


He's slimy!"
Time to let him go!

Don't forget they like their pond, please catch and release!

Be sure to take all safety precautions!
Know what kinds of frogs in your area are poisonous.
Know any dangers your pond might posses. 

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