Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ice Blocking

Pioneer Day

It's hot here in the summer, so we like to beat the heat with a little ice-blocking.  All you need is a grassy hill, block of ice and a towel.  

*This activity like sledding can be dangerous, so please take adequate precautions.  
**Only Ice-Block with a responsible adult.  
***Wear a helmet of some sort, and/or some sort of safety gear.

You want to pick a hill based on your skill level and age of participants.  If you have little kids, you might choose a smaller hill.  Remember, you pick up speed the longer the hill.  Plus, you have to carry the ice back up the hill.  Check the hill for lumps, holes or other dangers that you might hit on the way down.
*Check with the rules of your local park/hill, some forbid ice-blocking.

For the ice you can either just buy a block of ice at your local store or make your own.  I would bring one ice block per every two to three people.
Pioneer day
Home made ice
We like to make our own, because the ones a the store are too skinny for bigger booties, and have no handle.  We picked up some water basins (similar to the ones you get at the hospital) and some dog ropes at the local $ store.  Fill the water basin a little more than half full with water.  Place a dog toy rope halfway in the water where you would like your handle.  Place water in the freezer at least overnight.

Head out to your favorite hill and climb to the top.  
Remove ice from water basin. 

 Fold your towel in thirds the long way, then again the shorter way.  Your towel should now fit nicely on your block of ice.  We like to use a full size towel for cushion and to keep our booties dry longer.  As the ice melts you will begin to get wet.  I might suggest bringing more than one towel.

We found everyone sat a little different on the ice.  Some people liked to cross their legs, others found it easier to to balance with their legs straight out, so whatever feels more comfortable and balanced to you and your particular body type.  The dog rope offers a little more stability and balance.  If you bought a block of ice from the store only sit on two-thirds of your towel and use the other third as a handle.  This helps you balance a little better.

*As the ice begins melt, you will go faster!

Wipe Out!  This is why I suggest wearing a helmet!

We found the dog rope handle made it easier to carry the ice back up the hill.

*If the ice starts to break a part or melt to much, discontinue use of that ice block!

Have Fun! Be Safe!
Take some funny Pictures!
(We even took a wet booty picture of the kids all standing together,
 that was pretty funny, but we didn't include it on the blog, sorry)

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