Friday, March 4, 2016

Bunny Cake

Easter Cake

My mom used to make these with us when I was a kid.  Big time 1980's project here.  I told the kids about it and they were eager to make one.  They just couldn't picture how to cut the ears and bow-tie to make the Bunny.

You will need:
 Two round cakes of equal size
Food coloring
Candy of you choice
Coconut (optional fur)

Take a knife and cut out the bow-tie from the center of one of the round cakes. This is gives you the bow tie and two ears.

Place them on a piece of cardboard covered in aluminum foil or a sheet pan bottom side up.

rabbit cake

Frosting your Bunny.  We chose to have a white bunny.
The kids decided they didn't like coconut and didn't want it as fur.  If you want coconut just sprinkle it on top of the frosting where needed.

Choose a color of frosting for the inside of the ears and bow-tie.

You can use jelly beans, gumballs, etc for the eyes and nose.
Shoe string licorice, sprinkles, or round candies would make great whiskers.

Sometimes, I just want to tell the kids how to do it, but then they aren't using their creativity and are just doing what I say.  Resist the temptation to guide the kids or criticize their choices. It will turn out, and if not you're just going to eat it anyway.  

There you have it a super cute Bunny Cake the kids can show off.

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