Monday, September 12, 2016

Halloween Fairy Garden

Over the summer we made a super cute Fairy Garden.

We decided to change it up for Halloween.
The original fairy garden had two plants corsican mint and silver thyme.

We found these cute miniature figurines at our local dollar store.

We took out our summer pieces and replaced them with the Halloween figurines.

We loved how cute it turned out.
 Hope this gives you inspiration to make your own.
It would be super cute inside a faux carvable pumpkin, too.

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  1. totally different elements of your yard are often used for numerous garden activities, therefore so you ought to arrange the areas of interests that you just would incorporate in it. If you can, you ought to allot a region of it for growing food too.

  2. Actually the plants in the fairy garden are edible. One is a type of thyme and the other is a type of mint. This is just a porch decoration though. We do have a large vegetable garden in the backyard in addition to blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, and grapes. We love to grow our own food. It's nice to know what and how it was grown. You're right it's a great idea for anyone who has the space.


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