Sunday, June 5, 2016

You've Been Brought Into The Flock- Neighborhood Prank

Welcome gift
Flamingo image found on Microsoft Word 10 clipart

We were visiting our local dollar store, coming up with ideas for our summer bucket list.  We made our purchase and were leaving when we saw a box full of pink flamingos.  "Hey, they have pink flamingos!"  We left and rented a movie next door.  Then, light bulb moment, "Let's pink flamingo someone's yard!"  We ran back into the store and bought all the flamingos they had. Unfortunately, that was only ten. This is going to be hilarious!

It's better than toilet papering!

Then we thought, it's kind of a waste.  Another light bulb moment.  "Let's make something you pass along, and keep it going, to make even more people laugh."   

So, we came up with this cute poem:

Like birds of feather, neighbors flock together.

Don’t get your feathers ruffled, this is just a fun summer hit!
To bring smiles and laughter to each family we visit. 

Secret friends have left these flamingos to play,
Two nights in each yard is the most we can stay.

It’s your turn to share,
Within our neighbors if you dare.

Whoever you choose,
Please pass us on while other’s snooze.

Pick someone fun,
Or this game will be done.

Then, hang our picture in plain sight,
So, we don’t return another night.

The printable version:

We made these printouts for people to hang in their window or on their front door, showing that they have already been "Brought into the Flock"
Flamingo image found on google image.

You could include the poem on the back of the printout if desired.

We printed out and laminated (to protect for water damage) the sign below
 to display in the yard with the flamingos.

Flamingo image found on Microsoft Word 10 clipart

or another choice.

You've been pink flamingoed
Flamingo image found on Microsoft Word 10 clipart

 We needed something to hold the sign, so we cut up and bent a wire hanger.

The edges were sharp, so we bent them into a loop.

We used packing tape to adhere the hanger to the sign.

The flamingo legs were really flimsy, so we hot glued them for more support.

Made them easily accessible.

We used painters tape to adhere the note to the door. Regular tape might pull the paint off the door. That happened to us before, I was not happy.

Be as fast, quiet, and sneaky as can be. 
Put all the flamingos were they'll be seen.
 Don't forget the sign.

We just delivered ours with success, now let's see what happens.
The house we flocked, has a huge front yard.  Sorry, the nighttime picture is terrible.
I wish the store would of had 20 flamingos, but it was still really funny!

This would be hilarious to do to a new neighbor or new church member as well.

My sister even suggested a fun prank at Girl's Camp/Scout Camp to do to another Group.

Think about April Fool's Day.

Use it to ask someone to Prom.
"I'd be tickled pink if you'd go to prom with me"

Prom invite

My brother being funny, suggested:
"Flock You"

It's not very nice, but let's be honest, it's better than being egged or toilet papered.

Or "Let's Flamingle" "You're Flamazing"

We'd love to hear from you.
Please share your fun pink flamingo stories and pictures in the comment section.

PS-If you are a neighbor-don't spill the beans that it was us or it won't be much fun!

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