Thursday, June 16, 2016

Doodling at School in the 80's

Crazy Comix

If you went to elementary school in the 80's, you most likely had this set. 
All the cool kids had them or you could buy them from them for $.50.
I remember scrounging up 2 quarters, so I could buy these.
We would get in trouble for doing them during class.
I so just dated myself!

I have been looking for these forever for my kids to mess around with.  My set was trashed. Last year, I finally found them here Crazy Cartoons. Sorry guys looks like its recently been taken down, here's a link to something similar from Classroom Doodles. I noticed there is a cleaned up family picture, where I think, used to be a lady in a bikini with big breasts.

From a comment listed on that page, it's now an app Crazy Comix App.

There are 8 steps, and each step is numbered:

First, you select your hair or hat.


You trace it on your blank page.
If you can't see it you can trace it on the window or a light box.

Second, you select the face shape.

crazy comix

Third, you select the ears

crazy comix

 Fourth, you select the eyes.

Fifth, you select the nose.

crazy comix

Sixth, you select facial hair, if desired.

Crazy Comix

Seventh, you select the mouth.

Crazy Comix

And Eighth, you select the body.

Crazy Comix

And your cartoon character is complete.

The possibilities are endless.

This is great for a rainy day activity, road trip, or I used them as an art class fast finisher.

Have fun and I hope this brings you back to the 80's, it did me.

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