Thursday, June 23, 2016

Feeding the Ducks

My kids still love to go and feed the ducks.

We have gone to the same pond/creek since they were babies.
This is a free or super cheap activity. 
You can bring duck safe leftovers or you can buy duck safe food.


The best option is picking up duck pellets at your local farm/feed store.
They also do great on raw unsalted seeds, grains, peas, and corn.

We like to pick up a bag of cat food at the local dollar store.
It's only a dollar, so super cheap. 
This bag was the perfect amount for the family. 
When we decided we were done, there was a tiny bit left.
Cat food has a lot of the nutrients for ducks, not found in bread.

The size of cat food is easy for the ducks to eat.

The pond area was full of seagulls.
It's not a good idea to feed the seagulls,
because they poke out the eyes of baby ducks!

I love this ducks afro!

We decided to leave the pond and walk the trail to find the ducks.

This juvenile duck wasn't afraid to eat straight from our hands.
(Yes, we washed our hands before and after.)

To feed from your hands keep them flat and hold still.
*Beware, the duck might bite you! Or be sick!
**Do not pet or pick up wild animals. For your safety and the animals.

Found some juvenile geese.

Then, JACKPOT!  Baby Ducks!

They were so cute!

When feeding babies, be very respectful of their space and the mother duck.
*Do Not pet them or pick them up!
*For ducks still with their mother, don't feed from your hand.
They went swimming and we threw the cat food upstream so it would float to the baby ducks.
This kept them from swimming away.

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