Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer flip flops

Every summer we get a new pair of flip flops and decorate them.
You can pick up a cheap pair for a dollar almost anywhere.

These ones were super fun and easy to make. 
They are by far my favorite  flip flops that I have decorated.

I bought a set of matching ribbon.
I loved it, because it came with ten different matching ribbons.
I only caution the silky ribbon might come untied.

I cut the ribbon about 3" and started at the toe and tied the ribbon on one side.
I then tied the ribbon in the same order on the other side.

For and easier project for younger kids:
Just wrap one ribbon continuously around the flip flop either hot glue or tie the ends

My frilly camouflage flip flops are very soft and comfortable.
Check out the yarn section of your local craft store for ideas.

For these flip flops I cut the fringe (We used Bernat Boa Yarn (amazon link)) about 3" and tied it around the flip flop. Pushing them together as I went.

These ones are made by wrapping the fringe around the flip flop and tying it off.
This method it a lot easier and still super cute!
The girls Grandmother made these.

We made these super fun water balloon flips flops at a mother and daughter party at our local church.

They turned out super cute.
One package of Water Balloons (amazon link) 100 per pair will do.
Add or minus water balloons depending on how far down the sides you want them to go.

Fake fur yarn, regular yarn, cut fabric, cut denim, leather strips, tulle or feathered boa might also make cute flip flops.

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We'd love to hear how you flip flops turned out!