Friday, July 31, 2015

Bubble Fun

Make a bubble snake into an GIANT piece of art.
The kids tried this at a friend's house, and taught us how to do it at home.

bubble snake
Bubble Painting

bubble painting
Bubble Snake

Finished Bubble Painting

For each blower you will need one used soda bottle (they are thicker than water bottles), one rubber band, one fluffy sock (that you no longer want), one bowl, dish soap, long white paper, and food coloring.

Draw a line on your empty soda bottle above the bottom piece.

Adults only-with a razor blade cut along the line, cutting off the bottom piece.
(Razor blades are sharp and hard to use, the edge left will be sharp and jagged.  You can sand it smooth if it bothers you.)

Now that your bottle is prepped, grab your sock and rubber band.

Cover the freshly cut end with the sock and rubber band.

Mix together dish soap and water in a bowl big enough to fit your blower.

Your all set to go outside.

First we tried adding the food coloring to the bubble mixture.  Unfortunately, after the bubbles popped no color was left behind.

We then added it directly to the sock before dipping it in the bubble solution.  This worked great!  You will need to reapply every few dips.

Blow, Blow, Blow
-caution they blew so much they got a bit light headed.

bubble art

This bubble snake got to be about over 4ft, long.-WOW!

They blew the bubbles and placed them on the paper leaving behind beautiful bubble art.


They had a blast! A definite for any family summer bucket list!

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