Friday, June 26, 2015

Air Show Craft- Foam Airplanes

Flash back from last summer, when we saw these at the store again today.
We were so excited for the Air Show to come to town.  The Thunder Birds were going to be flying, and we wanted to do a craft while we waited.  

Plane Party

We found these at our local $ store, and picked up one for each family member.
They are also on Amazon for a little more.  
We got out the permanent markers and each designed our own planes. 
 *Non-permanent markers will smudge and get on your hands.

plane craft

airplane party

Transportation craft


plane craft

foam plane


airplane craft

airplane design

 We then, took them outside and flew them.  We had races, and tried to see who could get theirs to fly the furthest.  Of course, they then started weighing them down with screws, because they were sure they could get it to fly further.  A few actually got it to fly better.  

Plane party craft
Racing Planes
Plane races
Who can fly the furthest
These planes broke after about an hour of play, so they are fragile. For $1.00 each the kiddos, and even my Hubby had a blast making and flying them.

Would be fun for a birthday party, Scouting or youth group party!
We hope this sparks some creative ideas and you have as much fun as we did!

Leave us a comment on how your airplanes turned out!

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