Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Country Feel to the Pallet Flag Craze

Distressed Pallet Flag
Pallet Flag

We saw these flags everywhere and just instantly wanted one of our own.  

Upcycled pallet
Perfect Pallet
 First you must choose your pallet wisely.  Unfortunately, most pallets are square shaped, or if your lucky enough to find a rectangle the stripes go in the wrong direction.  We lucked out and happened to already have this old pallet, that our ride on lawn mower came on many years ago.  It is the perfect size, shape, and the stripes go in the right direction.  If you have a square pallet and want the rectangle look, you could always leave a stripe or two blank, or even write something patriotic on the first plank with the flag below.

Give your pallet a good scrubbing so your paint will adhere good.  
Let it dry completely before you begin painting

Rustic Americana colors
Paint Choices
I wasn't thrilled by the color choices most of the flags out there were.  I thought the bright red, bright blue, and bright white looked a little funny on a pallet.  It didn't give that rustic feel, I think of when  I see pallets up-cycled.  So, we decided on the deeper colors English Navy, Tuscan Red, and Vanilla Ice Cream.  We used Nutmeg brown for the back and sides, since they were covered in green paint.

 I would recommend a paint brush for this project, sponge brushes will just get caught and rip on the rough pallet wood.   You have the choice to just paint the top of the planks, or to also paint the sides like we did.

 I really debated even painting the white stripes, the wood was beautiful and gave an even more rustic look. Obviously, I went ahead and painted them, but it's another option to consider.

Measure out where you want the blue portion of the flag and lightly draw it out with pencil.

Rustic Pallet Flag

I used two coats of paint for each color.

As mentioned earlier, I painted the sides and inside of the pallet nutmeg brown, because of the green paint already on the pallet.  I actually really loved how it looked with the brown paint, it gave it more of a finished look.  So, that is another step to consider including or skipping.

Since I plan on displaying my flag outside, I sealed it with a good quality clear spray paint, 
but you could use any number of sealers on the market.

4th of July

I'm not a big fan of the painted stars.  To me they just felt cheesy, but that is what most people are doing.  I decided I wanted to hang a metal star where the stars should be.  I found this one at a craft store for a few dollars.  I wish it was slightly larger, but overall I love how it turned out.

Get creative and come up with your own design for a unique pallet flag.

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