Friday, June 19, 2015

Military Gift

Father's Day or USAF Gift
Father's Day Gift
Air Force Gift

OK, so the girls wanted to try the new silhouette cameo out.  They decided on a T-shirt for Dad for Father's day.  They wanted it to be funny.  They have seen a lot of shirts saying "World's Greatest Farter, I Mean Father."  They wanted something along those lines.  We were up on the military base and saw a baby wearing a onesie similar to the shirt above, and changed it up to match a grown man in the Air Force.

U: Usually; Unique; Useful; Understanding; Useless; Underage; Un_____;...
S: Sleeping; Snoring; Sisters; Sinning; Sitting; Smoking; Soldiers; Saving; Snoozing; Second...
A: And; Are; As; Always; Airman; American; Attractive; Attitude; Angry; Awesome;...
F: Farting; Fighting; Flying; Fun; Flirting; First; Forever; Fire; Family; Friend; Father;...

Have fun with it and come up with your own:
Unique Soldiers Are Family
Usually Sisters Are Fighting
Underage Soldiers Always Flirting

They were lucky enough to find an XXL T-shirt at the local $ store that was a good brand and didn't seem to have any defects.

They then designed the shirt on the Cameo using a stencil font.
Don't forget to mirror your image.  Ha ha, because we did!
*Don't have a silhouette, just buy some iron on letters at a craft store.

Farther's Day Gift
Silhouette Cameo design
Cut it out using HTV (heat transfer vinyl) shiny side down.

Remove excess vinyl.

You're gonna want to measure your shirt to get the image centered.  If you've cut it on the right side, it should go on just like a sticker.

Now you're ready to iron it on.  If you have a heat press that works best.  (on my wishlist, one day) If not, use your iron on the linen setting.  I like to use parchment paper over the plastic backing to help, but you could even use an old T-shirt.  Go over the entire shirt several times with the hot iron, pressing really hard.  
Be careful no to burn it or yourself!  An adult should do this step!

Remove the plastic protective backing once the HTV sticks to the shirt.

If it isn't sticking all the way, you can put the parchment paper back over it and iron again.  But be careful, it no longer has the protective backing.

There you have it, a shirt any Air Force Dad would love!

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