Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Blankets for Project Linus

volunteer kids

We like to involve ours kids in volunteer work, but sometimes it's hard to find something for them to do.  Our local church group was making quilts and blankets to donate to Project Linus.  I wanted each child to be able to complete a project all by themselves, so we decided on fleece blankets.  We wanted the blankets to be warm, so we opted to tie two fun colors together.  This way is a little more expensive because it involves two pieces of fleece.  
There are many other places you can donate blankets to.  Your local children's hospital, nursing home, children's justice center, shelter, and a sick neighbor are some great donation locations, even some fire departments and schools collect them.

volunteer work

We first vacuumed our recently steam cleaned floor. You can use a table top.
(Be cautious of pet hair and cleanliness depending on your donation location)

We used 1 1/2 yards of  fabric for each color, I am planning on using 2 yards when we do it again, they just seemed a little small.  Whatever size you pick, keep in mind that they get smaller, because you are cutting them and tying them.

Place the two colors of fleece on top of each other and trim off any excess, making the two pieces of fabric the same size.

how to measure your fleece blanket

Decide how long and wide you want you knots and fringe.

We made our the width of the ruler, because it made it easy for the kids to measure.
we made them 3" long, again, it made it easier for the kids. Use fabric scissors to cut both colors still on top of each other.

If it helps, you can use a disappearing fabric marker.  We just cut as we went.

We simply tied our cut strips on the top and bottom fleece together.

Take pictures of their masterpieces.  My girls loved how cute they turned out and were a little sad they couldn't keep them, but definitely wanted to donate them.  They were proud of themselves!

volunteer work

I took the excess strips we cut off the fabric during sizing, and braided them together.  I used this to tie the blankets shut, giving them a more gift like professional appearance.

volunteer kids

If possible, take your kids to deliver their blankets,
 letting them see for themselves, the difference their act of kindness makes in another's life.

Teaching your kids when they are young to volunteer and give, will plant the seed of compassion for a lifetime of contribution!