Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July Glow in the Dark Hunt/Games

We've been doing Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunts for a while now.  Well every year for the 4th of July, before the fireworks start, my Aunt always gives the kids glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces.  I highly recommend doing this if you are going to a park or something.  You can keep track of where the kids are before the fireworks start.  Then, it hit me we should have a glow in the dark 4th of July Hunt, instead of just handing the kids some bracelets and necklaces.  We could also include games and activities the kids can play while we wait.

You can put them inside balloons,
make a ring toss game,
connect them into a ball,
make bracelets and necklaces,
make sculptures,
line a table,
mark the boundaries of the hunt,
put inside a treat bowl,
put them in water bottles for bowling,
Drop heavier thicker ones into and swimming pool a dive for them,
Get your creative juices flowing, the possibilities are endless.

We once took a glow stick, pushed it through the spout of a beach ball, blew up the ball, and played dodgeball. One with clear panels works best.

You could buy a glow in the dark ball or line your volleyball net, soccer nets or basketball court with Christmas lights/rope.

For a smaller quicker activity glow in the dark bubbles or silly string would be fun.

Glow in the dark Easter egg

These would be fun to include in your hunt.

You could use the balloons and play glow in the dark hot potato.

We once took a couple of yellow flannel sheets, and spray painted them with glow in the dark spray paint and played capture the flag.

Really with glow in the dark paint, tape, and glue you can make anything glow.
Spray paint those old balls for whatever sport you want to play.

Have a good old fashion pillow fight, again you could paint them with glow in the dark paint or duct tape.

Don't forget to take fun pictures with the sparklers, play around with your camera settings to see which one your particular camera works the best on.  My kids call it sparkler magic, because it captures the entire movement of the sparkler as if it were a whip.


One year we had a shaving cream fight before the fireworks.  Here's the link


There just always seems to be a good half hour or so to wait after it gets dark for the fireworks to start.  These activities will keep your kids busy.

We'd love to hear how your hunt went or any other fun glow in the dark ideas you came up with.

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