Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How to Hang a Wreath on Vinyl Siding

So, I recently painted my front door and was worried that if I hung my Christmas wreath on it, the wreath might scratch up my paint job.  I still wanted to hang it on the front porch, but I didn't want to put a nail in my vinyl siding.  I checked at all the local hardware stores and nobody had anything to hang it with.  Then, I checked on-line and there were several options.  I found this No-Hole Hook on Amazon. There were many options to chose from, and I'm sure they are all just as good.  It just clips under the vinyl.

How to hang a wreath on

I really love this one, its small and hardly noticeable if I leave it out when there is no wreath.
I also hung a rather large Christmas wreath above my garage and the No-Hole hook worked great.

While searching the web, I even came across hooks that wrap around brick. And a much larger hook for heavier items like clothes, shoes, etc.