Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Teaching My Daughters to Sew

Here's a fun throw back from when I first taught my daughters to sew.  I wanted to teach them a few different techniques like design, using a sewing machine, hand-stitching, embroidery, and sewing on a button.

I bought a cheap flat sheet
This is the cheapest way to get a good amount of fabric.

I split it into four pieces, and told the girls this is what they had to work with.

I drew a face on the front side of my pillow with a disappearing fabric pen.

Using embroidery thread, I showed the girls how to stitch on a face. 

They loved that they could use different colors to make their monster unique.

I taught them each how to sew on a button, by making one eye a large button.

I taught them the importance of tying them off good before cutting the extra string.

Then, we designed, cut out, and used the sewing machine to add arms, ears, and feet.

Make sure to pin your body parts so they will be stitched into the monster and not on the outside.  The girls had a little trouble with this.  We might have had to unpick a few places with a seam ripper.

We sewed the body together and stuffed them with polyfil.

We hand stitched the bottom

They wanted to make them girls monsters, so they added bows and flowers by the ears.

They were so proud how they turned out.

She loved her floppy ears.

The pictures really don't do justice to how cute they turned out.

These pillows could be put on your bed, used while watching TV, or they made excellent traveling pillows when we went to visit Grandma.

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