Monday, April 18, 2016

Faux Stained Glass Vase

This faux stained glass tissue paper vase is super simple to make.

It would make a wonderful Mother's Day or Grandparent's Day gift.
You could even fill it with flowers and give it as a teacher appreciation gift.

A fun art project for any age!

Faux Stained Glass

Faux Stained Glass

If your significant other ever gives you flowers (if their a keeper they do), 
then you have a ton of these plain vases lying around. 
If not your local thrift store or dollar store should have plenty.

You'll need (Amazon Links) :
a vase
optional: flowers

Faux Stained Glass

Choose some fun colors of tissue paper.
You an use patterned tissue paper, but make sure you place a plain one in between

Cut your tissue paper in 1 inch strips.
*A paper trimmer will help speed this step up.

Next, cut those strips into squares.

Grab your Mod Podge.
I like to use the glossy kind to give it the shine of glass.

I like to apply the Mod Podge with a foam brush.

You can either cover your whole vase and work quickly,
or apply Mod Podge to sections as you go.

Tissue paper vase

Apply the squares one at a time slightly overlapping.  
Mix up you colors, so you aren't repeating the same color next to each other.  

Tissue paper vase

Once your entire vase is covered, allow to dry.
After it is completely dry, add a layer of Mod Podge over entire area covered in tissue paper.

Tissue paper vase

Tissue paper vase

There you have it, from plain boring glass to a beautiful faux stained glass finish.

Tissue paper vase

Since we didn't Mod Podge the inside of the vase, it is still safe for flowers.

Tissue paper vase

We hope your mom loves it!

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