Tuesday, September 6, 2016

DIY Loofa Monster and Game


My daughter was messing around with an old loofa and saw some googly eyes.  Then, it hit her to make a monster.  It turned out super cute and was so easy to make.
 She called it a warm fuzzy monster. 


You can buy a new loofa they come in many colors, but we just used an old one we were gonna throw away.


First, they tried it with two eyes and that was really cute.  She thought it would be fun to glue some vampire teeth on it, we'll have to try that once they hit the stores.


In the end she loved the googly eyes all over the best.
She hot glued them down.


She threw it at her sister and they played "Hot Monster" or "Hot Potato".
They are planning on using it for a decoration until Halloween. 
At our annual Halloween party, they are planning on setting up buckets and tossing their new monsters for points.

Other game ideas:

Monster Tag
You will need either a monster loufa. The person who is it must throw the loufa.  If they it hit someone that person is now it. They must pick up the loufa and chase and throw the loufa and hit next person.  

Monster Freeze Tag
You will need either a monster loufa. The person who is it must chase and hit players with the loufa.  When each player is hit they must freeze and hold the positon they were in when they got hit.  They must hold that position until all players have been hit and froze.  The last person to get hit gets to be it.

We'd love to hear how your monster turned out.

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