Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pony Tail Hair Cut

 cut your own long hair

While looking online for new hair cut ideas I came across this blog.  The girl had put her hair in a pony tail to cut it.  It looked amazing!  If you're gonna try it, definitely check out her blog for complete instructions.  I always hate to cut my hair, very few stylists have ever cut it the way I wanted.  Then, they charged me an arm and leg, because I have long hair.  I have been debating on cutting my hair short in an A-line, like my girls did, and donating or giving it more layers.  My hair happens to be freakishly long right now, so I decided why not try it.  I could always cut it off if I don't like it. 

*Cut your hair at your own risk. You might like it or you might really make your hair hideous.  Make sure you are ok with the risk if you decide to cut your hair.  Some people have awesome results,  but there are also some who will have to cut tons off and have it professionally fixed.  Use caution with scissors not to cut yourself. 

My hair before the ponytail haircut


Make sure you get a good ponytail, brushed and smooth.

I would also make sure that when you flip your hair, it is smooth and in place before cutting. You want your ponytail even on both sides.

I'm only cutting off 1"-2" to try it,
you must decide for yourself how much of a risk you're willing to take.  If you're not 100% sure you want to do this,  don't!

 "Am I really going to cut my own hair?"

 No turning back now!

 "Does it look straight to you?"

"OK, I think I got it!"

"Not bad if I do say so myself."
Totally even on both sides.

 Close up of the ends, with no styling!
It's hard to tell in the pictures, but it kind of goes 
into a V shaped point at the bottom, which I love.

I love it, but I think I need to go more dramatic 
and put the ponytail higher for shorter layers on top.

It worked great for me, but I have really long hair and if I messed it up and had to fix it, I'd still have really long hair.  So that's something you'd need to decide for yourself.

Some people love it, some people hate it.  
I personally hate getting my hair cut by others, so I was willing to risk it.

I'd love to see how yours turned out, if you braved it.

Update Second Haircut:

Ok, I got a little braver and moved the pony tail higher, for a second haircut.  Love the v-shape at the bottom. I just quickly curled the ends with a curling iron.  I actually like the higher cut better.  I cut it over a garbage can.  Took 1 minute to get ponytail right and cut it, with no cleanup or itchy hairs.