Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Don't Get Cold Feet Game

We love, love to try different games and challenges in our family.  I learned how to play this game at my cousin's bridal shower, and had to try it with the kiddos.  It's super easy.  

You will need a giant pan like a turkey roaster or we used a new kitty litter box from Dollar Tree, 20 or so loose leaf binder rings, a bag of ice and water.  We added a towel to help dry off our feet.

Setup where its ok to get wet right before you want to play or the ice will melt.
Pour bag of ice into pan.
Fill pan with cold water.
Drop in rings and stir them around.

The point of the game is to see who can get the most rings out in one minute.
We just had one pan, and played one at a time.  
You could easily add more rings and compete at the same time with one or more pans.

Decide on the rules before hand.
Do you have to pick them up with your toes and drop them out,
or will you allow them to push them out over the side?
SOME people tried to just push everything out rings, ice, and water.

*Be careful not to keep your feet in the water too long, you don't want to get hypothermia, frostbite, etc.

She said she'd take the "L" and didn't get any rings.
It's too cold.

Mom came in second with 15 and didn't cheat!

The cold water didn't bother her a bit, she got all 20 rings and was like lets see how long I can stand it it.  I made her get out after two minutes.  We don't need to loose any limbs.

We told the winner she could dump the pan on the losers.
of course this turned into a water fight.

The kids had so much fun with this game,
we hope you do too.

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