Monday, August 23, 2021

DIY Doormat

I am obsessed with Halloween and make a ton of new crafts every year.
This year I wanted to have a holiday welcome doormat.  It was easy and challenging at the same time. but I love how it turned out!

You'll need a coir doormat, Clear & Black Flex Seal Paint (I prefer the spray, but either will work), candy apple color  Apple Barrel multi surface acrylic paint, stencil of design (I used my Silhouette Cameo and cut it out of Vinyl), transfer tape (optional) and a small craft paintbrush (optional).

I have tried a good quality outdoor acrylic paint, and found nothing that lasts longer than Flex Seal paint for these mats.

I cut out my design on my silhouette cameo onto Oracal 651, I find it sticks a bit better. I used transfer tape to transfer the vinyl cutout to my mat.  This is the hardest part of the entire project, it doesn't like to stick very well.
I have used freezer paper before and ironed it on, the secured additionally with straight pins. Both options are challenging but work equally well.

Once you've gotten the stencil to stick and removed the transfer tape, 
you might need a minute after that frustration.  
You will want to cover any of the mat that you do not want painted. 
 I just reused my transfer tape and cut it to size.  
I found this worked really well.

You are ready to Spray the Black Flex Seal paint.  Make sure you are going straight down.  You'll want to do a few layers to get it good a covered.  Let the paint dry completely between layers.  I think I did four layers total.  If you are having a hard time with the smaller pieces sticking to the mat, you can stick straight pins straight down through the design and into the mat.

Some people take off the stencil when it's still wet, some wait until it's dry.
It's a personal preference.

I think it turned out pretty good with crisp lines, that's why you want to paint straight down, or the paint might get under the stencil.

Next, I grabbed the Acrylic paint and just dropped it right on the mat from standing and squirted it a bit.  You could use a paintbrush to fling it.  Practice a bit before doing it on the actual mat.

Once it's to your liking, let it dry completely.

Last, I sprayed the entire mat with Clear Flex Seal to help seal the red and help the design last longer, but this step is optional.

Put it out front and enjoy!
We found it to be a great conversation starter.

Update: It held up great all season!

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