Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Alcohol Sharpie Tiles

Sharpie tie dyeSharpie tie dye

Such a fun, easy and inexpensive art project.  We have seen these tiles all over the internet, then a friend taught us how to make them.

You will need:
A cheap (approx. $.30) smooth white bathroom tile (found in your local hardware store)
Permanent markers (we used Sharpie)
Rubbing alcohol (the higher the percentage the better)
A dropper
Clear spray paint or sealant
A table cloth to prevent staining

Sharpie tie dye

Simply draw a design on your tile.
(this design will get ruined, make sure little kids understand that)

Sharpie tie dye

Once you have your design, use the dropper to drop drops of rubbing alcohol onto your design.

Sharpie tie dye

A few drops here or there will look like drops.
However, if you put more drops, the rubbing alchohol with make the permanent marker bleed.
This will either give a ti dyed effect or a crackle effect.

Sharpie tie dyeSharpie tie dyeSharpie tie dye

Be careful not to use too much.  
This is one of those projects that you must find the balance of not enough,
 and too much rubbing alcohol.

The first picture above is too much, whereas the last picture above is perfect.

Sharpie tie dye

This is a fun project, you never know what the rubbing alcohol will do.

Sharpie tie dye

After it dries completely, you can leave it as it is or you can write a fun saying or draw a picture over the design.  We recommend using a black marker for this.

The final step, after it is completely dry and you've added any extra drawing or wording, you will need to spray the tile with a clear spray paint or sealant.

Buy extras, it's addictive and you'll want to do more than one!

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