Saturday, October 3, 2015

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds

We love to roast our pumpkin seeds after carving Halloween Pumpkins, it's fun, yummy and healthy!

While carving your pumpkins have two large bowls.  One bowl to collect all the guts, and one for the seeds.  Try your best to just get seeds, but it's OK if some of the guts get in there as well.

Once your done carving your pumpkins throw out your guts bowl (unless you use it for pie, etc.).  Fill the seed bowl with warm water 3/4 full.  Swish the seeds around through your fingers to help remove the leftover guts.  Rinse and repeat until the seeds are gut-free.

Fill bowl again with warm water, add desired amount of salt.  Some people like a lot of salt and some not so much.  Let soak overnight.

In the morning drain water, but do not rinse or the you will loose some salt. 

pumpkin seeds

Pour seeds onto a cookie sheet large enough to fit all your seeds.  
It'a OK if they overlap a little, but you don't want it really thick. 
If desired, you can sprinkle with a little more salt or add your favorite seasoning. 
Do this while the seeds are still wet, so the seasoning will stick better.
(Some people add oil or butter at this point, but they don't need it)

Bake at 300 for 20 min., stir and repeat until the seeds are cooked all the way through.  They will be a golden brown color.  Try not to overcook them, if they get close to being cooked all the way through, check more often.  

*To reduce cook time, you could boil them for 10 min. in salt water,
 before pouring on the baking sheet and baking.

DIY pumpkin seeds

You can eat them whole, if you chew them good.  For smaller kids or anyone who doesn't chew food up good, they should crack them open like a sunflower seed and only eat the inside.  If you don't chew them good, let's just say they might hurt a little coming out the next day or very rarely cause little tears inside your digestive track.