Thursday, September 10, 2015

Helping Hands

We try to teach our kids about helping people in need. Sometimes I wonder if they are only doing it because I make them, or because they want to.

I was so proud of them when we learned Great Grandpa was only given weeks to live.  We immediately made dinner for them, and went for a visit.  I started cleaning their house and the girls were eager to help.  They noticed the dogs had smelled better, and were irritating Great Grandpa's pain.  They asked if they could give there dogs a bath.  Grandma hates to do this, and was excited that the girls asked to help.  Great Grandpa was just glad to dogs were occupied.

 Proud Mommy moment. Made me feel that we were doing something right with our girls. 

I think sometimes we forget to involve our children when we help others, but they really want to help.