Saturday, November 20, 2021

Thanksgiving Turkey Wattle Game

We love to play and come up with crazy games in our home for all the holidays.  This is a quick short game post, but we had so much fun with this games it deserved it's own post. 

This is a take on a classic game turned into a Thanksgiving game.

Turkey Wattle Game

First things first.  A turkey wattle is the signature red hanging skin on a turkeys neck.

To make your Turkey Wattle, put a tennis ball or larger ball inside a red sock. Push it all the way down in to the toe area. I decided to go with fuzzy ones, because it looks more realistic and is softer.

Separate players into two groups. The players must pass the tennis ball down the line using only their chins, neck, and chest. The team that gets through all players first wins.
Such a simple game for such a great outcome.

We used to play it with apples and oranges in the 80's.

Version 2
Have team members split in half and line up on opposite sides of the room.  Players must hold the turkey Wattle under their chins with no hands, run across the room without dropping it,  pass it to the next player's neck without hands.  That player must repeat until all players have gone.  First team to have all players finish wins. 

Kissing Turkeys
Two players must hold the wattle between their lips and carry from one end of the room to the other end,  only touching it with their lips-NO HANDS!

Comment below how your party guests liked the game or any other party game suggestions.

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We pretended like they were turkeys for Thanksgiving.