Thursday, May 11, 2017

Father's Hammer Gift and Other Tool Gift Ideas

I have loved making personalized gifts for my family using my Silhouette Cameo, it just adds that professional clean cut touch.  I made this hammer for my dad for Father's Day.  On one side it's serious and touching, the other side is more funny and to the point. 

I used Oracle 651 vinyl to make it more permanent.
For little kids, it would be really special to cut it out in their handwriting by using the trace feature on your Silhouette Cameo.

If you do not have a Silhouette Cameo or Cricut, ask a friend or there are plenty of people online that will cut personalized vinyl for you, at a minimal cost.  If you really can't use vinyl, then paint or a sharpie marker might be an option.

Other Tool Gift Sayings for Dad:
(or change Dad to Grandpa, Papa, Stepdad, Husband, Brother, Boyfriend, Mechanic, Soldier, Student, coach, teacher, partner, employee, etc.)

Best Dad I Ever SAW!

Best PLIER on the Team!

Nobody MEASURE's Up to Dad!

Best TOOL in the Shed!

Thanks for giving me the tools to be a good father/husband/etc.

We love building memories with you!

Building BRIGHT futures!

Thanks for giving me a BRIGHT future!

Building our life together since (marriage date, child's birthdate or adoption date)

The Dad that can fix anything!

If Dad can't fix it, nobody can!

If Dad can't fix it, we're all SCREWED!

Thanks for all you hard work Happy Retirement!

Thanks for MAKING my dreams come true!

Couldn't PICK a better Dad!

Couldn't AX for a better Dad!

I'm NUTS about you!

No one MEASURES up to you Dad!

In Case of Zombies!

You're TOOL- rific!

Saw Dust is Man Glitter!

Don't get SCREWed, just AX Dad!

In Case You SCREW up, AX Dad for Help!

Just AX Dad!

No if, ands, or NUTS about it, You're simply the best!

When in doubt, AX Dad!

The most LEVEL headed person I know!

You NAILED being a Dad!

Love beyond MEASURE!

You're a FLIPPIN' awesome Dad!

DIY Expert!

This is not a DRILL!

It takes a big heart to help shape little minds!

It takes a big heart to help build little minds!

This TOOLBOX belongs to child's name's Daddy!

My TOOL is bigger than yours!

A CUT above the rest!

Love you to BITS!

Love you to PIECES!

You've been there for me every INCH of the way!

If you can't be the sharpest TOOL in the shed,
you can always be the HOE!

Career ex. mechanics have the best TOOLS!

Career ex. farmers have the BIGGEST TOOLS!

We'd love to hear about how your gift turned out.
My Dad loved his!

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