Monday, October 12, 2015

Hunger Game Shirts

Bleach shirts

We made our own Hunger Game shirts or swimsuit covers.  This is super easy and the girls had so much fun making them.

First, I bought Black men's large T-shirts from the local craft store.  
*Don't forget to use your coupons.

Cut both sides up to just below the armpit.

We decided we wanted to cut and tie the sides, giving it a cute and more form fitting look.
Measure 1-2" in from the sides and using a fabric marking marker draw a line.  

Then, make cuts every 1/2"-1"

Once your shirt is cut into fringe on both sides, tie the front and back of the shirt together.

Get creative and personalize any other cuts or knots.  A few a the girls also cut along the top of the sleeves and cut out the neck band.

Next, I used an exact-o knife and cut out the Mocking Jay symbol out of contact paper.
We found the image free online.

Peel off the backing of the contact paper and place on your shirt in the desired position.  You may want to use a ruler to help with placement and centering.

Place a brown paper bag or piece of cardboard in the shirt to help the bleach to not soak through to the back layer of the shirt.

Using a spray bottle of bleach, spray the shirt.  Little orange spots will begin to appear, giving a fire like appearance.  Do not over spray or the entire shirt will turn orange. 

*Do not get the bleach on your skin or it could burn you, rinse immediately.  Be cautious of the clothing you are wearing and your surrounding, or you may bleach more then just your shirt.  Use only under adult supervision.

We used the same cut out for all four shirts.

Once the front has dried, we decided to spray the back to match. 

You can use this method on other color T-shirts and get similar effects, except the colors will be different.  For instance some greens will turn pink when bleached.

Have Fun and Be Creative!

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