Thursday, November 8, 2018

Letters to Jesus

One year I was teaching a church youth group around 8 years of age. 
The girls in my group kept talking about writing Santa Claus letters, and what Santa was going to bring them.  Being a church activity, we talked about Santa but how Christmas is really about Christ.  So, the next activity I put together a lesson on the true meaning of Christmas.
Part of the lesson included writing letters to Jesus.

I gave each girl an envelope and a blank piece of card-stock.

I told them Christmas was about the birth of Christ and how special that was.  We talked about some of the important things Christ did for us, and why it was important for him to be born.  I let the kids fill in the reasons, but helped them out when they got stuck.

I told them instead of writing letters to Santa, we were going to write letters to Jesus Christ.

These letters might include:
A thank you, or appreciation for the things Christ has done for us.
A Birthday Message
What Christmas Means to the Child
A Drawing of Christmas
A Testimony of Christ

Here are a few my girls did when they were ages 3-8, with some details kept private.

I told the girls to seal the envelope and leave it on their Christmas tree.
I didn't make them show me their cards, because their individual testimony of Christ is theirs.  Some girls were excited to show off their cards and some wanted to keep what they wrote private.

Would be fun to collect a new letter every year and read them when the kids are older.

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