Sunday, January 3, 2016

Organize Your Family Schedule

family calender

Wow, sorry for the bad pictures.

I know the new thing is to organize your family on your smart phone and sync up, but we still find the old calendar on the fridge to work best for our family.

My kids like to look at it and know exactly whats going on for the whole month.  It's funny, I took last years calendar down while I prepared the new years.  My kids told me they felt lost, like they didn't know what they were suppose to be doing.  I just laughed, "see some things mom does aren't crazy!"

We like to buy the big desk calendar, so there is plenty of room for everyone's activities.
This is the only one I could find this year, but any brand will do.  I have used ones with lines on them for daily events, which helps if you really have a big schedule.

Open up your new calendar

I  hot glue 1" magnetic strips on both the top and bottom of the calendar, because we like to hang our calendar on the refrigerator.

(You could maybe get away with just the top one, but two really help secure it and keep it from falling off.)

There are many options to filling out your family calendar.

You could write each members name next to the activity and time.
Honestly, this is my favorite if you don't have an extreme amount of daily events.

You could use different color stickers for each family member.

If you have a ton of daily activities, you might consider using a different colored highlighter assigned to each family member.

We like to hang ours on the refrigerator so it's right where everyone will see it.
Any wall will work.  If you think it's ugly the mud room could be an option.

Hope this inspires some ideas for getting your family schedules organized.

(Yes, we still have the old style refrigerator we bought when we first got married, but it works great and I can fit a lot of stuff in it, so why waste money on a new one, lol.)