Thursday, January 14, 2016

How To Remove Sticker Residue From Clothing

How to remove sticker residue

I'm sure I'm not the only person to do this.  I bought my girls some cute pajamas for Christmas.  I always wash them ahead of time. So I can give them to them on Christmas Eve, and they can wear them to bed.  Well, I thought I had gotten all the tags and stickers off of them, but no I missed a huge sticker.  It went through the wash and more importantly the dryer.  This was one of those stickers that say the size and go down the leg of the pants.  It was about 1 X 6" long, and left the entire amount of sticker residue behind.  I was Frantic!  I bought matching pajama sets for my girls 8 months ago when they were on clearance, and couldn't just go pick up another one.

I reached out for help.  I was told to place a paper towel over the sticker residue and iron it.  This was suppose to reheat the sticker residue, and it would then stick to the paper towel and lift off the pajama bottoms.  This did not even kind of work.  Did not stick at all.  I was starting to think I would melt the pajama bottoms, because they said iron on low heat.

Then, it hit me, light bulb moment.  I remember a conversation on my local mom group page, talking about removing sticker residue with WD-40 and Dawn soap.  Even though I love WD-40 for many tasks (especially getting crayon off the wall), I wasn't about to spray it all over this fleece fabric.  I was just picturing it getting all oily, staining it, and coming apart. So I'l never know if it would have worked. 

I thought about it, well Dawn soap does great on getting greasy stains out, so it definitely won't hurt to try just that.  If anything the Dawn soap will wash right out.

price tag sticker residue

I decided to squirt a ton of Dawn soap on the dry sticker residue and let it soak, like I do for greasy stains.  I left it for an hour while I finished wrapping Christmas presents.  When I went back to it, I honestly wasn't hopeful. I was just going to throw it in the wash, and tell my daughter I messed up.

Then, I touched it and a chunk came off on my finger.  I was ecstatic!  I proceeded to run my fingernail down the residue, and to my surprise all of it came right off.  It seriously took about 20 seconds and very little effort.

sticker residue

Look how it just easily comes right off.

Honestly, I didn't think it would work, but it did!

Happy Dance!

I hope this frantic mom moment helps with your frantic moment as well!

We would love to hear about your sticker residue stories.

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