Saturday, October 28, 2017

Carton of Eyes

Our entire house is decorated for Halloween, but our kitchen is lacking a bit.  We wanted to make realistic decorations.  This would be awesome even placed in the refrigerator.  Imagine your party guests opening the refrigerator and finding this.  What a great conversation piece.  What I love the most is the cost.  The only thing I had to buy was the eyeball ping pong balls, and they cost me $1.  Everything else I already had.  We had a lot of fun making this Halloween craft.

You can add other Halloween decorations to make it a bit more special, like these spiders and bugs.

What you'll need
1 Paper Egg Carton with 12 slots
12 Eyeball Ping Pong Balls
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Tuscan Red Paint
Optional: Fake Bugs and Spiders

You could just leave it plain and boring like this one, but we thought it didn't look very realistic and needed blood and optic nerve pieces.

So, we decided to add Hot Glue and Paint it.

First, we glued the eyeball ping pong balls in.  I desired you can make some of the optic nerve stringiness on the sides of the egg slots before adding the eyeball ping pong balls.

Glue over the top of the eyeball ping pong balls a bit, but don't over do it.

Pick off some of the smaller stringy pieces of glue left over after the hot glue cools.
Leave some of the bigger pieces to paint.

This is my go to color for blood, most people make the mistake of making the blood to red and it just looks unrealistic and fake.  You could use glossy or flat depending on your preference.

Then, you just start painting the dried hot glue.

It's ok if it's not perfect, because it just looks like the blood smeared there, but don't be super sloppy.

Don't forget to paint whatever glue strings you left behind.

Super Cheap, and Super Creepy!

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