Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Roast and Freeze Peppers

I'm using Big Jim Anaheim Peppers.

Turn your grill on high.
(You can also use the broil setting in your oven, or hold with tongs right over the flame on a gas stove.  Take all precautions against burns or fires)

Individually space your peppers over the flame.

You want them to bubble and the skin to burn a bit.
You DO NOT want it to burn through the flesh beneath the skin.

They will hiss and bubble a bit, they might even split slightly.
The skin will pull apart from the skin a bit.

Once cooked, cover with aluminum foil to continue the process.
This will also help the skin come off more easily.

Once cool, you can use or freeze.

To use simply pull the skin off.

To freeze leave the skin on the pepper and place in a freezer bag.
The skin will help protect from freezer burn,
plus the skin will come off much more easier after freezing.

To defrost, simply place peppers in hot water.

Replace water if not completely defrosted.

When it's completely defrosted the skin should easily pull right off.

Remove skin completely.

Slice open one side of the pepper, exposing the seeds and ribs.

Flay open the pepper, exposing the entire inside.
Run a knife carefully down the inside, removing only the seeds and ribs.

The pepper is now ready to use in your favorite recipe.