Sunday, October 17, 2021

Funniest Game Ever

I was looking online for another game, and I needed to spend a little more money in order to get free shipping.  I came across this game Who's the Dude, and just started laughing.  I had never heard of it before, and thought it could go either way.  I didn't tell anybody of my find.  We just happened to get it in the mail on my daughter's birthday, so I let her open it.   I thought it'd be funny to record her reaction, in case it was the same as mine.  She did not disappoint, she laughed so hard and screamed "I love this!"  It was a better reaction than when she opened her Christmas presents.  She was so excited to play it.  

Warning the game itself says its for players 16+. Its basically charades that you act out with the 'Dude" or blow up doll.  The blow up doll is fully dressed, so not inappropriate unless you make it.  Its the kind of game that it's as fun as you make it. 
If the players are boring the game will be boring.  If they are a fun group its a really fun game. I personally didn't think the cards were too bad or dirty, but you'll have to judge that for yourself.   I only took out four cards total that were questionable.  I think the rating is just because it is a blowup doll, and if you wanted to make it crude and dirty you definitely could.  That is also what I read online in many of the comments.

I completely surprised the girls and that was the best part.  They were really excited to play the game and really got into it.  We found four cards is all that I took out, because they were maybe dirty minded.   I would recommend not blowing the doll up tight or he will be hard to manipulate.  Otherwise, it was a blast!

We've love to hear about your experience with this game.
Take lots of pictures and video it was a great laugh!

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